Publisher FAQs

What are the conditions for acceptance of my account and how much time it takes?

Your account activated directly after your registration and confirming your email address, you can start publishing ad units on your website after these two steps without any waitng time, but take care your website(s) will be reviewd every day.

What is the affiliate program? and how to join the program?

Affiliate program gives you the ability to make more money by inviting people to join and advertise on AddBanner™ and you will get permanent comission 10% of any funds added by your affiliates everytime not once.

If you have a Publisher account so you're already joined the affiliate program, just use your banners or link to share it to invite more people to advertise on AddBanner™ and start making more easy money.

Can I add AddBanner™ ad units with another ad network?

Yes, there is no problem with that as long as you didn't make your page crowded with ads.

How can I add more websites to my publisher account?

You can use your account for many websites without need to add them to your account, just create new ad units or use the old units (creating new units for better reporting) and you can see the new website performance report inside your reports page.

When do I get paid and in what currency?

You can be paid when your earnings reach cashout limit (200.00 EGP). your collected earnings from a month will be paid by
the end of next month.
For example: if your earnings reach the cashout limit by the end of November you will get paid by the end of December (last 5 days).
Payout currency according to the payment method, if you choose "Vodafone Cash" you will be paid in EGP and if you choose "PayPal" you will be paid in USD (exchange fees may be applied according to the price of USD in egypt).

Can I use my earnings to Advertise on AddBanner™ Network?

Yes you can, you can ask to convert your payable earnings to your Advertiser account as credits used to advertise on AddBanner™ network. just contact us when you reach the payout limit to do this for you (Note: you cannot convert credits from Advertiser account to Publisher account).

How do I earn money with AddBanner™?

You can earn money with AddBanner™ by placing ad units on your website, forum or blog. you will earn for every click on ads displayed inside your ad units. you will get %60 of Cost Per Click (CPC) added by the advertiser himself (The minimum CPC is 0.20EGP so your mimimum CPC is 0.12EGP). AddBanner offering competitive CPC system.

You can also earn money by inviting your friends and your clients to join AddBanner™  by using your affiliate program and get permanent 10% of each funds added by your affiliates not once.

When I get banned from AddBanner™?

We don't close any account until a serious violation is detected with the evidence conclusively proves the existence of cases of fraud or violation of the policies of the ad placement is causing intentional damage of AddBanner™ ad network.